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Mitec 10Ghz MWR Transceiver

The Mitec transceiver is a full duplex unit operating into either a 600mm, 1200mm or 1800mm parabolic antenna bandpass diplexer.   Either horizontal or vertical polarisations are possible.   All RF and associated electronics are located inside an intergral enclosure located at the rear of the antenna.


System Gain (BER = 1 X 10^-6)   =   103.5 dB   Typical
                                                          =   170.0 dB   (600mm   Antenna)
                                                          =   179.0 dB   (1200mm Antenna)     
                                                          =   189.0 dB   (1800mm Antenna)

    Transceiver Type     Single Conversion up to 10.5 Ghz with FM at 640 Mhz
    Frequency Range     10.55 - 10.68 Ghz
    RF Power     26dBm
    RF Impedance     50 Ohm
    Baseband Level     1V p-p
    Baseband Impedance     75 Ohm
    Receiver Type    Dual Downconversion 10.5 Ghz to 70 Mhz FM Demod
    Frequency Range     10.55 - 10.68 Ghz
    FM Threshold     < -88dBm
    RF Impedance     50 Ohm
    Baseband Level     1 V p-p
    Baseband Impedance     75 Ohm
    2 Mbit Interface Type     Filtered Transmit HDB3 Waveform with Detected Clock
    Data Rate     2048 kbps
    Performance     To G.703 unbalanced
    Metering Location     VH8 Connector on Channel Select PCB
    Monitor Points     TX RF Power, RX AGC, DC Volts
Transceiver Schematics

The Mitec transceiver schematics are broken up into a number of sections.   All sections are in .pdf format.

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Thanks to Gerald, VK3GJM, for supplying this information.

Mitec 10 Ghz Link Transceiver
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