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Wormald RFK-105 Mobile HF Transceiver

The Wormald RFK-105 is a remote head, 2-16 Mhz HF SSB Transceiver made by Wormald Communications Pty Ltd., in Balcatta, Western Australia.   It was in production circa 1981.


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Wormald RFK105 Service Manual
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    Transmitter Type      Solid State
    Frequency Range      2 - 16 Mhz
    Channels      10
    Modes      LSB, USB
    RF Power     100 Watts P.E.P.
    RF Impedance     50 Ohm
    Receiver Type      Solid State, Single Conversion
    Frequency Range      2 - 16 Mhz
    Channels      10
    Sensitivity      0.5uV for 10dB (S+N)/N or better
    Selectivity     > 65dB at -1Khz, +4Khz or better
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